Monday, February 11, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

Ugh! I'm awake! SHUT UP!.. I freaking hate this alarm clock.. That was a good ream too. Crap, now I can't remember! Something about me.. at six flags.. with.. no.. Disney Land!.. no.. whatever, what time is it? I hope there are pop tarts left. Ian always gets the last pack. Did I have home work? ... ... ... Jackson? No. Vaughn? No. Sabotin? Definitely no. Foster?.. CRAP! .. This computer is too friggin slow. How hard is it to open MICROSOFT WORD?! Holy smokes it's ten after and I'm not even dressed or showered. Screw it, I'll shower tonight when I get home from practice. No time to eat AGAIN. I hate mornings. I really hope I didn't forget anything at home. My car sucks, I'm freezing, what a worthless heater.. .. man, what I'd give for a cup of hot chocolate right about now.. ..

- Again, lame. I know. You don't have to comment that. But this was a lame assignment. I was actually surprised at how poorly I did considering I think ALL THE TIME in a stream like what the assignment wanted. Least favorite piece so far but it'll get better. I promise.

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