Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Our assignment for today was to write 20 haikus. A haiku, for those of you who don't already know, is a format of poem originally written by the Japanese. They can rhyme but most of them don't. The structure is 3 lines, the first and third lines have 5 syllables and the second line has 7. The first 10 subjects came from my teacher and the last 10 were whatever we decided.. Enjoy..

Sitting here at home
Staring at the computer
But it's blank like me

You're embarrasing
You're just here by accident
I prefer horses

sipping through a straw
Cran-apple, cherry or grape
I feel young again

I am so sorry
I don't mean to abuse you
That one was massive

Two slices of wheat
Turkey and cheese in between
What a perfect lunch

I take you in pills
Because I don't understand
What food you come from

Working here at home
On subjects I'll never need
I should have joined band

We bond, you and I
Each time I step in the tub
You help me feel clean

You took my new bike
Then cussed out my dog, Woofie
But I'm still SMARTER!

Dust Bunnies:
You're adorable
Oh why do you hide from me?
I won't vacuum you!

You jiggle so free
I make you dance on my plate
Until I eat you

Strategy and skill
two things I have never had
And still I crushed you..?

Red, black, and orange
From bobsledding to Nazis
You guys are bullies!

You play games of tag
And store nuts for the winter
I think I love you

I sort you from trash
Bottles, cans, and milk cartons
Worth five cents a piece

So strong in the force
Keep peace with your light sabers
Then turn into ghosts

Fax Machines:
You work like a phone
But send papers, not voice mails
What a dumb machine!

A simple flat disk
You create hours of fun
When I'm at the park

- Not finished just yet but you get the idea .. we had to go quickly in order to finish as much as we could (if you don't like these then consider that my excuse).. -

1 comment:

TenaciousT said...

i love your haikus
they inspire me to write
20 more myself

you should blog always
you are a natural pro
i want more samples

this is addicting
i am now stuck in rhythm
of five, seven, five

you are haiku king
better than me and austin
yours are not stupid